Make a Solid Choice for New Concrete

Hire our concrete company based in Salt Lake City, UT

Only an experienced concrete company can install durable, long-lasting concrete around your property. So when you have a concrete project in mind, rely on Nonu Construction Inc, a concrete company that has been serving Salt Lake City, UT for more than 24 years. Our small, family-owned business can install custom concrete solutions on residential or commercial properties.

5 times to call Nonu Construction

Our residential and commercial concrete contractors will be happy to provide concrete services and several additional services whenever you need them. You can contact us when:

You have a broken driveway. We can provide concrete driveway installation services.
You need a new parking lot. We can install a parking lot for your business.
You want an outdoor living space. We can complete a concrete patio installation project.
You need to install underground utility lines. We can dig a utilities trench.

To talk to a local contractor, call 801-916-5032 right away. You can get a free quote on commercial concrete services or a free estimate on excavation services.